Application documents

The State Secretariat for Migration and the cantonal employment services will only process applications if they are submitted in full. The following documents must be sent as a minimum:

General documents

Application form
  • Most cantons make the forms available on their own websites. Some cantons allow online applications.
Copy of passport
  • Important for the correct recording of personal data


  • Confirmation that vacancy is advertised by the regional employment office (RAV) and within the EURES system (notify your RAV advisor)
  • Copies of job advertisements published in professional journals, national weekly or daily newspapers in Switzerland, specialist online portals and social media (such as LinkedIn)
  • Information on other job search efforts in Switzerland and the EU/EFTA area (as customary in the respective sector)
  • Confirmation from an appointed employment agent
  • Information on applications received and reasons that they cannot be considered (RAV offices can provide the relevant questionnaires, for example)

Personal requirements

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Proof of qualifications such as education certificates and references
  • Copies of documents in original language, as well as certified translations if the documents are not in one of Switzerland’s official languages or English

Reason for the application

  • Reasons the vacancy must be filled
  • Job description or duties of the position to be filled, and information on the company
Additional documents for project work
  • Evidence of the order (contract for work or confirmation of the order)
  • Project description
  • Implementation plan
  • Additional documents for contract staff: authorisation to appoint contract staff; staff and project contracts
Additional documents for business start-ups
  • Deed of foundation; entry in the commercial register
  • Three-year business plan showing intended organisation, staff development and financing (budgeting/expenses/income), as well as information on the industry related market, market and competition analysis

Salary and employment conditions

  • Contract of employment (must be signed at least by the employer; this is considered binding by the authorities), or employee transfer confirmation from the foreign employer, stating salary, expat allowances and expenses arrangements

Last modification 22.12.2020

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