Border Management and Visa Policy Instrument (BMVI)

The Instrument for Financial Support for Border Management and Visa Policy (BMVl) has been established under the Integrated Border Management Fund for the period 2021-2027. This Fund succeeds the Internal Security Fund (ISF Border, 2014-2020) and the External Borders Fund (EBF, 2007-2013). Like its predecessors, this Fund aims to support, through project funding contributions, Schengen States with particularly extensive land and sea borders or with major international airports on their territory. These states face a heavy financial burden in protecting the external borders of the Schengen area. The mission of the BMVI is to ensure an efficient integrated European management of the Union's external borders, guaranteeing a high level of internal security while preserving the free movement of persons within the Union.

The allocation for the BMVI corresponds to EUR 6.24 billion for the seven-year period. The BMVI is a development of Schengen that must in principle be adopted by the Schengen Associated States, to which Switzerland belongs.

The State Secretariat for Migration is responsible for the implementation of the instrument in Switzerland and is therefore the contact point for questions related to the submission of a project.



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