Stay Safe Advice

Advice on what to do

What to do in a terrorist attack:

  • RUN
  • HIDE
  • TELL
Run - Hide - Tell


Run: Escape if you can


Hide: Lock and barricade the door


Tell: Call the police on 117


Run: If possible, help others to escape. But remember, your own safety comes first


Hide: Turn off the light and silence your phone (sound and vibration)


Tell: If fleeing towards the police: do not run towards them and avoid hectic movements


Run: Do not expose yourself when escaping - duck and be inconspicuous


Hide: Move away form doors and windows, and lie down on the floor


Tell: When the police arrive, hold up your hands an show your empty palmes


Run: Warn others in order to prevent them from entering the danger zone


Hide: Or hide behind substantial brickwork or a heavy reinforced wall


Last modification 27.12.2017

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