Evaluation of the National Action Plan to Fight Human Trafficking 2017-2020

Nationaler Aktionsplan (NAP) gegen Menschenhandel 2017-2020

The majority of the 28 measures of the National Action Plan (NAP) to Fight Human Trafficking 2017–2020 have been implemented. However, human trafficking remains a reality, which is why we must continue to fight it. To this end, a third national action plan is in the pipeline. It will focus on key areas of action and have a more politically binding committment than previous plans.

Due to the complex nature of this transnational crime, human trafficking requires a coordinated response from the various actors involved and an intensive exchange of information. fedpol is responsible for coordinating this in Switzerland and abroad.

Press release on the NAP Evaluation Report  

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Exchange of information

Crime is a reflection of society. It is digital, mobile, connected. Terrorists and criminals do not act locally. They do not stop at borders, whether cantonal or national. In order to strengthen security, a rapid and most comprehensive exchange of information between police forces is indispensable.

Graphic - What is a PNR?

Passenger Name Records

Terrorists and other dangerous criminals operate around the globe, online, in networks and across borders. They regularly use airlines as a means of transport. The use of data on airline passengers, internationally known as passenger name records (PNRs), has already proven effective in other countries for fighting terrorism and other forms of serious crime. If Switzerland is to be able to use this efficient instrument, it needs to enact the required legislation. For this reason, the Federal Council opened the consultation process for the Passenger Name Records Act (PNRA) on 13 April 2022. The consultations are scheduled to conclude by 31 July 2022.